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Baseball fans are a unique breed; loyal to a fault, addicted to statistics, and as superstitious as a witch at midnight. What is it about baseball that inspires such die-hard obsession? I describe my own history with the game and take an intimate look at the “National Pastime.”

A look at three of my favorite films and how each somehow manages to transport me to another place in time. Special emphasis is on place, or the setting, of these films and their role in both telling the story and reflecting the fears and aspirations of the protagonists.

Can a single sip of 62 year-old Madeira transform one’s attitude about wine? Can it connect one with history, family, and that feeling of well-being that comes from savoring a fine vintage? In this piece, I share the story of my own unexpected “transformation” from wine novice to aficionado, or, well, something like that!

The story of the coolest guy in the neighborhood, and how he changed my life one summer evening with the mother of all Hail Mary football passes.

Insomnia stinks, take it from me, a lifelong insomniac. Even so, insomnia comes with its own set of interesting (if not bizarre), experiences, revelations, and psychological phenomena. Have you experienced “The Tetris Effect?” How about, “Exploding Head Syndrome?” Join me in the wee hours to explore the weird and wonderful world of sleep deprivation.

Ants live remarkable lives, and the fact that I’m coping with a small infestation of my own gives me an excuse to explore their tiny, astounding, and sometimes frightening world.

A reminiscence of my first viewing of James Whale’s classic horror film one cold October night, with a lighthearted, scene by scene analysis, and some philosophical ramblings about the inherent risks of playing God. 

Part one of a three part series on art, specifically delving into the lives and work of three artists whose art transcended their respective mediums. Included are Claude Debussy, Wassily Kandinsky, and Jack Kerouac.

Architects of the Senses, Part Two

Architects of the Senses, Part Three.

A departure in style for me. “Leaving,” is a somber but hopeful short story about domestic abuse, and one woman’s final straw. (Mature subject matter)

Being an “only child” has it’s ups and downs. But are “onlies” really just a bunch of selfish, spoiled brats? Here you’ll find a little autobiographical background on me and what being an only child felt like from my corner of the world. Included are some recollections of the toys that made being an only child bearable and even fun!

The Six Million Dollar Man, Evel Knievel, Big Jim. These were a few of my action figures I had as a kid growing up in the 70’s. They took quite a beating, but kept me entertained and occupied for much of my childhood.

A hard lesson learned. What happens when I tried to make a friend of the meanest kid in the neighborhood.

A difficult piece drawn from my real-life experiences coaching a child-abuser and why I believe simply listening to potential abusers could reduce the numbers of those who suffer abuse. (Mature subject matter)

Recollections of our first microwave oven, my grandmother’s penchant for collecting soup crackers, and The Great TV Stand Incident

Some recollections of time spent collecting agates with my grandfather during our family vacations along the Central Oregon Coast.

Trees. They’re big, woodsy, leafy, and don’t get around much. Some of them are really old. Some are really solitary. Come with me to explore five of the Earth’s most amazing trees.

How pride, and a refusal to ask for directions can sometimes keep us running around in circles, or in my case, lost in the middle of the night on a lonesome highway outside of Paducah, Kentucky.

A two part series on the personal growth industry and the risks of buying into the hyperbole. In Part One I share some insights based on my 25+ years working in the industry, and introduce you to “Harold,” a client who was once very frustrated with his personal growth efforts, but who turned his life into a healthier, more positive experience.

In Part Two, I explore a list of “Cold Hard Truths” about personal growth and how you can put this information to work for you in some life-changing ways without ever buying another book, video, or walking across hot coals with bare feet.

What can a man with nothing more than a pen teach a classroom full of sleepy philosophy students about life? 

We all carry around hopes, worries, fears, and dreams inside, along with countless stories accumulated over a lifetime, whether long or short. Here’s s short tribute to this “inner world.”

When we confuse expedience and convenience for peace of mind, we pay a price. And when we live in a culture seemingly prejudiced against stillness – an Anti-Quiet Culture – it can be hard to carve out the time and space we need to just be still.

My attempt at emulating Jack Kerouac’s unique style in prose. A tribute to his fantastic inventiveness and unconventional use of tempo and phrasing.


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