About Me

Writer for hire, essayist, blogger, part-time cultural commentator, and full-time neurotic. Occasionally acerbic, frequently stubborn, always well-meaning.


You’ve managed to find a collection of my musings on everything from baseball and ant infestations to wine and insomnia. I’ve done exhaustive research on at least one of those subjects, and with enough wine I’m pretty much an expert on the rest.

I’m currently seeking publication opportunities. So if you or someone you love is in need of general or topic-specific content (such as short stories, non-fiction articles or essays, Q & A columns, book or product reviews, etc.)  for online or print media, please drop me an email. My rates are ludicrously reasonable and I strive to produce extremely clean copy requiring very light editing.

Meanwhile, feel free to make yourself at home. Fix yourself a snack, browse around, read a poem or two, peruse the oeuvre, and share your feedback. Just please turn off the lights and lock-up on your way out. Thanks for coming by!

–Marc Gilson


(PS- Looking for my other blog? Try this: WORDSLUSH)



One thought on “About Me

  1. If you have yet to discover Marc as a writer, musician friend & father, there are links here to other essays, many revealing his own life. These, in my opinion, have been a perfect preamble to his current life coaching work. ~B
    lightwavecoaching.com and deepbluestatic,wordpress.com

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