Charlotte Went Insane

I never realized how much depressing poetry I’ve written. No wonder I’m so melancholy all the time! We’ll here’s another dark one. I promise I’ll find some happier ones at some point…even if I have to WRITE ONE!!

Charlotte Went Insane

She ran among the tall green blades
Of grassy wet May dawn
Tripping over cedar roots
She stumbled on and on

She didn’t stop for sixty years
She didn’t take a breath
Never looking back at all
Running for her death

Her youth was filled with thoughts for God
She told him clear and plain
That she would save the world, and that
She would ease the pain

Cresting sun, high at noon
It set her mind on fire
She waited for the angels wings
She listened for their choir

She stood to watch the marble saints
She tried to match their gaze
She often stayed with them for hours
Loving them for days

Interrupted once by love
She loved and married and lied
She let him hunt down who he was
And held him as he died

She rocked his corpse in her lap
Hoped to wake him clear
She never cried, but clenched her fists
And never talked of fear

She lived alone for thirty years
Haunting through her halls
She only glimpsed the outside world
She never breached the walls


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