Snake & Spider

Snake & Spider

Yesterday the clouds dispersed–
I went to make some tea.
Then I asked two old, dear friends
To come and drink with me.

Snake arrived at half-past two–
Snaking under gate.
Spider crept down garden wall–
As usual, he was late.

We sat beneath the afternoon
And talked in sunlight ray.
Spider sipped his Darjeeling
Snake drank Earl Gray.

We drank a toast to long-passed friends
And fondly reminisced.
We talked about the days of Spring
And guessed at which was best.

But then some trouble did erupt–
A comment made by Snake:
“My stomach craves for something more…
A spider may I take?”

“No!” I begged my hissing friend
Then Spider glared a glare.
But Snake arose and showed a fang
My day was now nightmare!

Before a strike could Snake reach-out
Spider began the fight.
The struggle was a frightful thing
But Spider sunk first bite.

Snake recoiled from the blow
And vowed a solemn vow:
“You, dear friend, have gone too far,
your last day is now!”

Snake then lashed-out and quickly ‘Gulp!’
Spider disappeared.
Then snake eyes crossed and he fell limp,
It was just as I had feared–

Spider’s venom took effect
Old Snake did hiss his last.
I sighed and drank a lonely toast
To two old friends, now passed.


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