The End of You

The End of You

And now turn your senses skyward
Sense the crickets saying rhymes to watching stars
Feel time splintering in the night
Darkness is no void – so watch and learn

A lucid vision may approach
And look you in the eye
Stare – and the sun will stare back and expose your life
Blink – and the universe shifts its weight onto your shoulders
Carry it for a time – until you feel your memories slip beyond you
A momentary lapse you will take to the grave

For the grave is a step away

But remember to rejoice in the honored gift of pain
Pain to tell you plainly what you are
Pain to remind you what you have been

How neatly the soil will fit – how perfect the fit
How fitting the end
of you

[Another rather odd one that could use some work. I must have been reading Dickinson at the time!]


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