She Wrote to Say…

She Wrote to Say

And so she wrote to say
How the lights went off
Couldn’t pay for juice
How the water wasn’t water anymore
And how life was running
Down the street
With the rain

She wrote again to say
That the days looked like
an old TV commercial
With fake color and pointed voices
aimed at her heart
selling something
And she’d all but bought it

So she called on God
to write her a check
“Just leave it with the bills
in the morning by the door”
But God was Bosnia Busy,
U.S. Distressed,
and staggering home.

So she called on the devil
To take her away
Just for a piece of time
A piece of peace
She’d give her soul
For a cup of hot coffee
and a place to make herself pretty.

But the devil was reciting poetry
At the top of his old lungs
In some coffee house
With pretty girls
Lined up in black lipstick
Watching out of black eyes
Pretending to feel something

“Keroac and Ginsberg
The Yogi and Ken Kesey
Forgetting rhyme and rhythm
For them it was so easy”

And then she learned the awful truth
That the devil ain’t got no rhythm

So she found the beat in an angels wings
Learned to sing the song she sings
Recovered herself
On an old bookshelf

And she sent the world spinning
Letting her fingers streak the sea
Paid her bill, got her fill
And remembered what to be

She saw her own eyes
Forgot her own name
Told the same old lies
Broke the rules of the game

And then she learned the awful truth
No rhythm in this place
Time’s a marker of the pain
It shows up on the face

Chance and hope met on her step
Not much left to say
Hope went home, did the best he could
Chance stayed through the day

Who was that?
Outside the door?
She didn’t know if she cared
The kids were gone
Nothing more
Could make her scared
Salvation was a cigarette she smoked
Cure was in the flask

“Gotta water that plant again
Before I go”

She wrote again to say
That the song was truly right
One is the loneliest number
Then the sound of breaking glass

To the street nine floors below
It broke the rhythm of her fall
Mixed with the rain was the flow
of blood and the beat of somebody’s drum

And then she learned the awful truth
That the universe had to move
To fill-up that space
Her breath used to


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