Deathly Quiet Falls the Snow

Some poetry on a cold Tuesday afternoon…

Deathly Quiet Falls the Snow

Deathly quiet falls the snow
the helpless ground below
From cloud above a broken hill
No life breathes thro
ugh the chilling still

And clouds now split the sky in two
To open Heaven for my view
But breaking branch somewhere collapse
Beneath the snow’s deep circumstance

No warmth to tame the silent bite
Through blinding day to blinded night
And waiting for my mind to know
As stellar lamps ignite the glow

A visit from the moon on high
To teach a wingless bird to fly
And parallel the frozen plane
With flicker of a heartbeat flame

I listen for the blistering blast
Of gale wind searching for ship mast
Yes now the sea spray coats my face
Horizon keeps the freezing space

While listing ships by hull and name
A wish for steady deck regained
But balance is for me a dream
One wave to break now as a scream

What shore did tempt me now this time?
What treasure waits for humid clime?
Just that by which my dreams did see
Take flight again to skim the tree

Where I once was, now I am not
In desert cool where once was hot
And sand to scour my cage away
Like vapor vanish in the day

As light precedes the sun’s advance
Landscape wakes to daybreak dance
And my voyage now complete
I am to sit at Morning’s feet

But listen, as the sun descends
The snow returns to make amends
Not for a broken promise made
Not for frozen layers laid

But for a wintry ice embrace
That stops the river’s reckless race
And in the spring revives the flow
Tho deathly quiet falls the snow

Copyright 1996 Learning Fire Publishing


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