Sticking My Toe into the Sea of Blog

So…my first blog post. While I doubt anyone besides me will actually ever read this, I thought I should at least provide some explanation for the existence of this blog in case you had the misfortune of stumbling upon it (as, apparently, you have).

I have resisted the notion of starting a blog for awhile now. I finally caved-in for one main reason: I need a means of forcing myself to get some writing done. Yes, like so many others, I’m an aspiring writer, which is another way of saying, “I really want to be a full-time writer, but I don’t have the time or discipline to actually write much of anything.” Because writers generally tend to write stuff, and because I seem to have trouble motivating myself to actually do it, I decided to start this blog. I have all the best intentions in the world of making it readable. But if you’re reading this now, here’s a warning: don’t come here with huge expectations of seeing anything actually worth your time. This is a project for me, not you. I’m sure you’re terrific, and I do care about you, and I may even be starting to have feelings for you. But my real purpose for setting this blog up is as a means of stimulating something in myself with regard to my dream of living life as a successful, prolific, capable author. If I can spend some time writing here once in awhile, I figure it’ll be good exercise – kind of a way of keeping the words flowing, even if the words don’t come out very profound or compelling in any specific way.

And another thing, even though I profess to want to be a writer, I have no real intention of being particularly careful with my composition here. This is likely going to end up being just a lot of loose, off-the-top-of-my-head commentary on a variety of diverse topics, and I will likely not pay much attention to perfect punctuation or grammar. So if you’re some kind of Strunk & White addict, please don’t spend time correcting me. If you don’t know who Strunk & White were, don’t sweat it.

So…we’ll just have to see how things go, eh?

It’s a little hard to deal with the fact that I’ve started a blog. I don’t want to come off snooty about it, but to me, blogging has always seemed a little like an activity for the vain, egocentric, self-important blatherers of the online community. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But there has to be something to it, right? My 14 year old son has a blog. Even my BOSS has a blog. Come to think of it, I’m probably the last person I know who doesn’t have one. UNTIL NOW! MWAH HA HA HA!!

So now that I’ve joined the vain, egocentric, self-important blatherers of the blogosphere (blogsboro? blogyvania? blogsville? blogonia?) I might as well make the best of it, right? So this is me, sticking my toe into the Sea of Blog.

If you’re still reading, I’d like to extend my condolences and suggest maybe you go see what’s on TV instead, or tune into NPR, or feed your cat. But if you have no TV, radio, or cat, I might as well give you a sense of what kinds of things you might find here should you decide to come back for another visit.

First, I don’t have a specific plan as to precisely WHEN I’ll be posting here. Maybe I’ll end up with a schedule, but for now I will likely post if and when I feel like it. That could get messy, because I’m sure I’m capable of posting two or three things per day, and then disappear for two weeks. I know this is terribly inconvenient for you, but hey, if you are THAT starved for entertainment, you’ll be back eventually. We’ll see.

Topic-wise, I enjoy what I think is a pretty wide range of topics. I love music (everything from Brian Eno to U2 to Bach to Radiohead to Led Zeppelin). Music is my drug. I play it all the time, often even during my sleep. I’m kind of a “sleep music” addict. If you’re not sure what sleep music is, hang around and I’m sure I’ll eventually provide you with plenty of examples.

I love reading. I probably read more non-fiction than fiction, although because I’ve recently felt compelled to actually try my hand at a novel, I have been reading a lot more fiction. I do read sci-fi, though I guess I’m kinda picky about the genre. I recently finished Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman and loved it. So you’re likely to see me posting comments now and then about various books I’ve enjoyed, and maybe some good old fashioned panning of stuff I didn’t.

I also like sports, video games, philosophy, comic books, movies, meditating, poetry, art, marine biology, exercise, chess, and ideas that make me think, cry, laugh, and wonder with any degree of intensity. I’m something of a cross between

  • a Gen X former garage band drummer,
  • a former philosophy major and pseudo-intellectual who thinks 4th graders ought to be taking courses in logic and critical thinking,
  • a sci-fi nerd who firmly believes in the superiority of Kirk over Picard,
  • a sports fan who has actually has week-long bouts of depression when his team loses,
  • a long-time meditator (Zazen, Vipassana, etc) who rarely experiences “peace of mind,”
  • a lover of all things oceanic.
  • etc

Anyway, enough about me. In due time, I’m sure I’ll manage to post much more than anyone wants or needs to know about myself here.

Blog posts aren’t usually supposed to be this long, based on the examples I’ve seen. So I’d better shut up now and get back to work. But you, gentle reader, are witness to my first act of sticking my toe into the Sea of Blog. Maybe later tonight, tomorrow, or the next day I’ll wade in a little deeper…


2 thoughts on “Sticking My Toe into the Sea of Blog

  1. In case you didn’t know, the surest way to bring attention to anything you’ve done is by saying things like, “I know that no one will probably ever read this,” or, “There’s no way anyone will ever find out about this.”

    Oh, and the “vain, egocentric, self-important” bit? Too funny! I was just thinking about that earlier today!

    Yes, I have seen Mind Walk. In fact, I own it. What are the chances that the first person I interact with here is a Reiki Master who has seen Mind Walk? Actually, what are the chances of meeting anyone who’s seen that movie?

    Come to think of it… the way my life works… the chances are pretty good! 🙂

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